Dear Diary📒

It’s been a month, a month that has been torture at it’s best painful at it’s best but it’s whatever I brought it to myself so all I have to say is whatever happens happens and it already happened so let’s learn to live with the consequences 😑

But anyways whom am I lying to🙂 I can’t go a day without wondering what he’s doing or where he at 🥺 or who he is with🥴 Did he move on as I think he has or is it that he’s still holding on to the thought of us just like I do😪 But he said I’m hard to move on from and after me there’d probably never be another 😐

I mean I messed up I know, and if I could take back what happened I would but this ain’t August anymore is it? We’re not moving past this are we? (guess not💔) I’m torn because I can’t move a day without thinking about you. I wonder if you do the same. Some nights I’m wishing you would call me like you used to even though you didn’t want to but you just had to🥺. I could call I know but the big question is will you pick up? I guess not💔

I wish I could continue writing past this but Dear Diary I can’t get myself to do it. I’m too torn, too hurt, too broken🙂 I guess it’s two thousand and seventeen all over again but this time without my best friend 💔