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From friends to best friends to lovers to exes one major life cycle that shapes us in more ways than we can imagine. We all got our stories about our relationships with others. I mean ain’t that what we’re supposed to do; live, love, laugh and make memories with our loved ones. And in each memory made, each laughter shared, every love that has blossomed and every breathe we take, there’s still this voice that urges you to enjoy it while it lasts cause nothing lasts forever, right?

The biggest part and main reason why we have people around us is to make memories cause people may drift but memories can’t be erased. “Live for now cause tomorrow isn’t promised” my bestfriend usually tells me. I mean why should you stress about the inevitable yet you can make memories of that particular time and cherish it as long as you can. If he’d told me this earlier maybe I wouldn’t be so torn about my past relationships.

If there’s one thing that has helped me cope with every situation or challenge I face it sure is Positivity. Positivity is what has pulled me from the deepest pits of my dark thoughts, healed me from my worst heartbreaks and prepared me for whatever is coming ahead. I know it’s easier said than done but that’s where the closest persons you have come in handy. They can either build you and help you through it or make you crumble and lose it. If none of your closest persons can’t help and guide you through your tribulations then your choice of friends isn’t as good as you thought.

I found love in places I never thought I would. I found love in a person I could never have seen myself with, I found love in an online stranger I never thought would mean the world to me. I’m still looking for love even right now with someone I never thought would look my way, simple plain Jane. I’ve found love in myself, one of the hardest places I could ever find love. If there’s one thing that love has taught me is that the end game is determined by the work and effort you put while you try to make love germinate as a seed and grow into a crop that can finally be harvested and it’s fruit enjoyed.

But in my efforts in trying to find love, I’ve learnt that people want to harvest where they haven’t made any effort to plant, weed and water the seed and let it germinate and grow under suitable conditions, just because the work is too tedious and time wasting for them. But even with all this I’m still looking and searching for a place where love may grow. But hey, I’m still young, what’s the rush?

Have you found love? Have you made or still making enough memories to last you a lifetime? Are you happy and in love with yourself? Leave a comment and tell me all about it ❤️

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  1. Truly felt that paragraph that starts ‘I found love in places…’. Still making memories to last a lifetime. Hoping to get more visual record of them though, like the vlogs, though they don’t have to be so public.

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  2. Babe😍Your blog was amazing as always.I really liked it especially the bit you talk about love and compares it to seed that later germinates into a crop😭❤️

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