So today I was going through some videos on YouTube and I ran across a certain girl’s channel I actually don’t remember the name of the channel, but it’s title was quite catchy. It read ‘WHY ARE YOU UGLY?’ and like any normal person (especially us ladies) would click that play button to get answers cause for real I’d really like to know why I’m ugly or why people think I’m uglyπŸ’€

So the lady mostly talked about her experience especially in Instagram. Everybody wants to be Gram famous (Soshis as we Kenyans call them) and for that to happen you really have to have a flashy lifestyle especially if you are a guy or an hour glass figure for us ladies. So this girl went ahead to explain that most of what we see on social media ain’t real. So she talked of these app that IG baddies use to get the best angles and figures. Have you ever wondered why you hit the gym or do home workouts but still don’t get that tiny waist you see most ladies on IG have or the abs and muscles those guys have? It’s cause unlike you who’s working out to get there, they Photoshop theirs and boom there goes the body goals you’ve been dreaming about.

Enough of all that story, there’s nothing like being UGLY. You being ugly is just a mentality and an insecurity you have. Everyone’s beautiful you just have to believe that and remind yourself each day you look in the mirror in the morning that you are beautiful and heck all God’s creation is beautiful cause we are all made in His image. I’m very sure that everyone has been told that he/she is beautiful it don’t matter who that compliment came from. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and beauty begins from within you and from that you’ll get self love and then the confidence will build up which you’ll finally learn to believe that you are beautiful.

Remember SELF LOVE is the beginning of everything.

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